Benina Airport suspends domestic flights due to workers’ strike

aviation - October 10, 2021

The director of Benina International Airport, Abdullah Al-Shafei, confirmed the complete suspension of all domestic flights for an undisclosed period until the demands of the airport workers are met.

Al-Shafei explained in a press statement that the catering services employees have not received their salaries for 47 months, whilst the handling employees for 17 months and the Libyan Airlines employees for 19 months, pointing out that Benina Airport has not received any budget for more than five years now.

He said that they had contacted the Airport Authorities to little avail and that they are forced to provide for their daily needs by borrowing from personal friends and relations, as he put it, noting that they will continue to receive foreign flights only in appreciation of the welfare and condition of patients and Libyans returning from abroad.


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