Libyan International Telecommunication Company, in partnership with Microsoft, launches Azure ExpressRoute service in Libya

telecom - October 3, 2021

The Libyan International Telecom Company (LITC), one of the state LPTIC holding companies, launched Wednesday in Tripoli, in partnership with the international company Microsoft, the Azure ExpressRoute service, which will cover the needs of the Libyan market, as part of the comprehensive trend towards digital transformation.

The service will enable cloud computing provided by Microsoft will provide advanced features in the Libyan labour market, including backup services and the ability to access data at any time and any place and communicate in a reliable manner and high speeds, the LITC said.

Commenting on the launch, Faisal Gergab, Chairman of LPTIC, said “Today we affirm the essential role that the telecommunications sector plays in the journey of progress and development that Libya seeks at the current stage, especially through the strategic plan for digital transformation launched by LPTIC.’’

Adel Abu Fares, Chairman of LITC said “The launch of the service today will help expand the private networks of customers using cloud services, which will contribute to covering their basic needs in the labour market where cloud computing allows information technology to be rented instead of buying, and thus will provide copies, which is a pioneering step taken by the LITC in Libya.’’

Abu Fares stressed the company’s commitment to support its customers by providing cloud computing that guarantees customers more ease of use, expansion and flexibility, instead of spending money and resources on old IT systems, and providing the best solutions in response to the evolving market requirements.

On his part, Nizar Al-Haddar, Regional Director of Microsoft Corporation said “We look forward to further empowering our partners and customers in the Libyan market, to be in safe, highly efficient and effective communication.”

The partnership will enhance the position of the LITC locally and regionally, as major customers of Microsoft services in Libya will be able to access new services, enabling and accelerating the digital transformation journey, using the functionality of private digital cloud service solutions, which is an infrastructure that is rented by a single customer, and provides higher level of security and control, along with the flexibility and cost savings of public clouds models that are expensive and save computing resources for multiple customers.


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